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Eternity In Our Days

“Can you believe it is 2013? Did that event happen two years ago? No, Five? Hasn’t this week gone fast?” If you’ve muttered these questions to yourself or others, you have experienced the acceleration of time. Eons ago, as a sophomore in high school, I noticed this phenomenon. When I commented to my older brother-in-law how fast the summer was passing, he replied, “Just wait until you’re in college, time goes even faster.” I remember thinking ‘time doesn’t move faster. A minute is always sixty seconds and summer is three glorious months of no school.’ Yet, as I’ve aged, his words have proved true. Time rushes like the Niagara River pushing me to the Falls. My downhill bike ride home from the gym feels faster because gravity pulls.

Unlike gravity downhill, the speed of the earth’s rotation hasn’t changed; yet why do we universally experience time moving faster as we age? The prayer of Moses in Psalm 90:12 instructs: “[t]each us to number our days aright that we might gain a heart of wisdom.”1 At my current age, I’ve numbered approximately nineteen thousand days. At age 15, my days numbered fifty five hundred. One day of 19,000 days feels faster than one day of 5500 because each day is an increasingly smaller fraction of our total earthly life. In pie terms, each day cuts a smaller slice. This realization provokes anxious thoughts. How high will the denominator reach? If time moves so quickly, how will I get “it” all done?