Why write?

Why write?

When I considered writing and posting to the internet, thoughts blossomed such as ‘maybe it would help someone’ and ‘maybe somehow God would be honored with such an undertaking.’ But as I continued to ponder, more reasons not to write surfaced. Information abounds like no other time in history and there truly is “nothing new under the sun” according to the wisdom in Ecclesiastes. How much more has been written that is nothing new? Then ego and fear follow: What do I have to offer? What if I write something embarrassing or wrong or inaccurate?

These objections are legitimate. The internet and bookstores are full of writings that could never be consumed. In and of myself, I have nothing to offer. And despite diligence and input from others, I will write something wrong and embarrassing. Exposing one’s thoughts poses great risk.

Yet, God gives to us not to hoard but to share. And God gives the Holy Spirit as a helper. I love words and to think and write and blogging is a way to share. If some possibility for good persists, then writing seems worth the risk.

Also, I have benefitted greatly from other’s writings. I have read a familiar idea at a different time or couched in someone’s unique experience that has motivated or challenged or clarified something about God, myself or others. Finally, my greatest regrets are my failures to try. Thus, I offer small reflections of the majestic and eternal God and life in personal relationship with Him.

May You, God, be pleased, and may someone be blessed.

Chris Deken

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